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Year | 2009

Megaphone, 2009

Painted Megaphone, plexiglas, wood, (60X60X120 cm)
Site specific work for Disharmonic Harmony, Music Museum, Sanguinetti Palace, Bologna

Copia originale, 2009

Red curtain,
150 x 300 cm x 4 elements

Dispersione in crescita, 2009

Lambda print on aluminium
70 x 40 cm x 3 elements

Tacito tumulto, 2009

Megaphones, plexiglas, wood
Various dimensions

Tavolo da gioco, 2009

Wood, mirror
80 x 80 x h 70 cm

Impossible, 2009

Marble of Carrara column
24 x 24 x h 130
weigt 70 kg

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