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Marina Fulgeri (1978 – Bologna, Italy)
Lives and works in Vignola and Bologna, Italy

Situating the artist and his oeuvre
Fulgeri works with the photographic medium to produce rigorous, almost minimal site-specific
installations and objects. The structural use of light plays a fundamental role in her work, creating effects that are virtually imperceptible yet capable of modifying the original reality, opening up lateral views and projecting viewers into situations that go beyond objective reality and enable them to venture beyond the appearance of things.

In the installations of Marina Fulgeri most elements from reality are modified by minimal interventions, sliding away imperceptibly from the initial objects. They are able to create other possible states, other dimensions, playing with the unforeseeable and diverse reactions of onlookers.

"I am driven by a continuous tension that leads me to search-through the suggestions elicted by the confusion of real elements-for means to escape reality." This represents an attempt to move beyond what is visible and explore the essence of given spaces, movements and objects.

Currently draws with Ermanno Righi, designer, to design projects, combining the desire to upset the existing to create new ways of life.
Their distorted and unrecognizable objects that become companions of existence.


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