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Translation by Adrian Cook
Dromocroma, Catalogue, Autori Messa Edizioni 2004
“As far consistency of thought goes, I prefer inconsistency.” John Cage

Subtle changes falsify the real componente in the work of Marina Fulgeri. This is how she makes us redefine what exists as distinct from its appearance, presenting us with marginal solutions. Dromocroma opens with a work which is visibile only from outside the gallery,For extwrnal use only. The sheet glass fronting the gallery is painted over in white, leaving us only one small patch to see through: a prospect of the window on the opposte side of the exhibition space. In this way the eye is forbidden access, but at the same time it is an invitation to enter the artist’s field of vision. A suddle shift from reality makes the artist invisibile, but not her gaze.
In O.U.T.E.R. space, a lighting mechanism switches the on/off flicker to determined lapses of time, passing from day to night in step with the artist’s coordinates.
Marina’s interest in light is not centred in its ephemeral essence; for her it is to be used as something that can alter and re-chart a space to operate on.
The work however remains marginal, excluded from the exhibition space located in the courtyard beyond the gallery, where the sun never shines. The space materializes in the light of O.U.T.E.R. space, to become imaginary in the photographic pakes up until it is compelled in the claustrophobic frame of the gallery’s window. We are aware of a sense of expectancy in the images at Via San Martino ai Monti 21/d. The empty exhibition space immersed in “chiaroscuro”opens up onto a parallel universe. The artist digitally paints beams of light on the gallery floor, leaving our gaze in suspension. Access denied to the marginal world, in respect to the world revealed, intensifies the impossibilità of full vision.

Laura Garbarino