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Prague Biennale I Pripheries become the center,
Giancarlo Politi Editor, Milan 2003

London East End is a video that runs after an imaginary itinerary, a trace lived through moment after moment by Marina Fulgeri’s glance.
The artist plans a road, studied a long time during a few days’ stay in London. Then, one night, she decides to record her fortuitous wandering through this city’s vast territory, whit the help of a simple torch that lightens up an extremely limited portion of space.
Marina Fulgeri obliges us to run through again, whit our own eyes, the discovery of a common urban place, which takes us back to thousands of places and to nowhere, simply because of its being atypical. Light produces stains, steps, usually insignificant elements, road disarrangements, containers on the side of a road. Every corner appears different and each detail seems to conceal a hidden meaning.
Marina simply shoots the filter between life and open spaces.
There are moments in which the scene is tinged with scarlet red, followed by night blue then again by the road’s gray hue, in a poetic, rhythmic sequence, even more curious since it is casual.
This video’s fulcrum is the unforeseeable, the wait is the effect on which it plays. The sensation of suspension increases the more the sound decreases, going away from the most frequented centre.
In Marina Fulgeri’s work the real data are falsified by means of minimal interventions. A subtle sliding from reality renders her person invisible but not her glance.
The light, though used in a nearly functional manner in this video, is a central element in the artist’s work instead. Marina doesn’t seek light merely for its ephemeral essence, she uses it, rather, as a matter that can modify, intervene and redefine a space. Impalpability determines the passage from a real state to an unknown one, yet well present in the artist’s mind.
The light source creates a distance and proximity mechanism, it welcomes us in a defined beam only to eventually send us away with a claustrophobic effect, while access denied to the lateral world, with respect to the one unveiled, increases the impossibility of a full vision.